Top 5 Best Cash-Back Apps

Cash-back apps have been a popular solution for many customers for years now, and have only gained more popularity with the introduction of online purchases. Cash-back apps are a great way to save money every time you pay with a credit or debit card tied to your bank account.

Currently, there are many cash-back apps that users can choose from to save money on their everyday purchases. If you want to know, which cash-back apps can help you earn cash rewards, look no more. Here are the top 5 best cash-back apps currently available.

What Are Cash-Back Apps?

Cash-back apps are a simple way to make extra money and earn rewards every time you spend money with your credit or debit card. After you register with a cash-back app, you can start earning points and fetch rewards. Most rewards apps offer free phone apps and a browser extension, which automatically counts any purchases you make with your credit card and gathers any points you got for your cash-back apps.

When done right, Cash-back apps can quite literally make you money. If you are regularly using your credit or debit card for online purchases, your cash-back apps will allow you to save money and earn cash rewards, transfers to your PayPal account, and many more.

Cash-back apps reward you for shopping online, or even for everyday purchases at grocery stores. As long as you’re paying with a credit or a debit card from a bank account that offers a cash-back program, you’re earning points, which you can later use to automatically earn cash.

Best Cash-back Apps:

As you can see, Cash-back apps can literally give you some of your money back every time you make a purchase. If you want to earn cashback points, here are the five best leading cash-back apps currently available:


The Ibotta app is one of the better cash-back apps if you’re looking for something that could help you with everyday shopping at major retailers. Like other cash-back apps, Ibotta allows you to fetch rewards for shopping online, as well as at regular brick-and-mortar stores. Ibotta also offers many promo codes for regular grocery stores, making it a great choice if you want to earn cash rewards with your everyday spending.

Unlike apps that are tied to your specific bank account, Ibotta simply uses receipt scanning apps in order to track your purchases and provide you with cash-back rewards. The cash-back on each purchase depends on the individual offers, as well as different stores. Every time you scan your receipt with the Ibotta app, it will track your in-store purchases. After gathering an equivalent of $20 in your Ibotta app, you can choose to cash out, either via a standard transfer to your bank account or in funds for a store loyalty card of your choice.

Although Ibotta doesn’t provide an extensive sign-up or referral bonus, it’s still a great rewards app for everyday purchases like grocery shopping but is also useful for online shopping with the largest retailers. Ibotta can help you earn money, without having to switch between different cash-back apps when going to a different store.


The Dosh app is a great choice of cash-back app for everyone who doesn’t want to bother too much with extra effort managing their cash-back app. Dosh app makes saving money easy by automating most of the usual cashback app processes.

With Dosh, you don’t have to scan receipts or install a browser extension. All you have to, do is simply connect your credit or debit card with your Dosh account and immediately start earning cashback rewards for every purchase made. Dosh automatically tracks available cash-back deals and offers, gathering points for you with every purchase made, allowing you to earn points in an easy manner.

Dosh automatically collects any reward offers that you are eligible to cash out and allows you to easily select them from the level of your shopping cart. You only need $15 in your dosh account to get a payout. Dosh offers cash, PayPal payment or gift cards for most major stores and online shopping sites.

Capital One Shopping

Capital One shopping online is not only a cash-back app, it’s also a great method to save money while you shop online and keep up with all the best deals you can get. The Capital One shopping browser extension will let you earn points, while also getting you a price drop on all eligible purchases.

Unlike other cash-back apps, Capital One shopping does much more, than simply letting you earn points on everyday purchases and online shopping. The main appeal of Capital One shopping is its browser extension and app, which not only tracks how much cash you’ve been spending but also actively searches for the best deals on every item you want to purchase. With Capital One shopping you will be able to fetch rewards, while at the same time getting the best discount possible on every item you purchase.

The cash-back app is completely free, without any maintenance costs for your account. All you have to do is download the free app or a browser extension and start enjoying your deals and cash-back rewards.


Freebird is a really unique cash-back app, mainly because it only focuses on one type of transaction – Uber/Lyft rides. Freebird will allow you to save money on every ride, while also providing you with cash-back points.

The idea in Freebird is simple. To start using it, you will need to download the free app and create an account, which you will also need to connect with any Uber and Lyft accounts you might have. When you do this, you will be able to order the rides that you could normally order through the ridesharing apps, with a little twist. Freebird collects any possible offers that might be in your area, allowing you to collect rewards points and get discounts on your rides to restaurants or other spots.

Even if your ride won’t be discounted, you will still receive cash-back points every time you use Freebird. If you use Uber or Lyft to move around the city, the Freebird app might be more useful than most cash-back apps

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a great app, if you do a lot of shopping at stationery stores, as it allows you to easily scan your receipts, and earn cash-back points and rewards. The app works with most large US retailers, making it a great companion for your everyday shopping trips.

With Receipt Hog, you can use the cash-back benefits outside of online shopping, making it a great way to earn cash-back points for simply doing a daily grocery run or a visit to the pharmacy. In addition, this awesome cash-back app includes many awesome features, like surveys or tasks that you can complete for additional points.

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