Can You Get a Netflix Account Without Spending Money?

Netflix is the predecessor of all streaming services. Their innovative business model and subscription-based access to all kinds of media pretty much changed the entire entertainment industry forever. To this day, they are still a major platform, generating more and more revenue and producing more and more content every year. Unfortunately, the prices of everything are steadily rising, and so are the prices of Netflix. That’s why this article will not only tell you all the things the platform has to offer, but also show you how to get a Netflix account without paying.

The Power of Netflix

Not many people know, that Netflix actually started as a DVD rental.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Back in 1997, its founders, Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, opened a store together and two years later, in 1999, introduced an innovative subscription-based service. Although the idea was abandoned rather quickly, Netflix offered other interesting ideas to replace the good old pay-per-rent option. The company became increasingly successful, and its owners even tried to sell it to Blockbuster, which was the largest DVD rental chain in the US. They were virtually ridiculed. Well, we can only guess that Blockbuster later regretted that decision.

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In 2007, Netflix first came up with the idea of an online streaming service that would give users access to thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. The owners managed to strike a deal with major production companies and buy the rights to hit series such as Breaking Bad, which helped them attract consumers. The platform soon proved to be a huge success and ushered in a whole new era in the entertainment industry. The era of streaming.

Netflix currently has 232.5 million active users and employs 12,800 people. Its services are available worldwide, with only a few exceptions, which include North Korea, China, Crimea, Syria and Russia. It is still the most subscribed streaming platform in the world.

What Are Some of the Best Netflix Shows and Movies?

From the very beginning, Netflix’s strength has been the amount of high-quality exclusive content it has offered. They launched their first original series, House of Cards, back in 2013 and it became an instant hit, along with the series Orange is the New Black. Today, the company produces hundreds of programs and films a year in almost every part of the world. They have even managed to win several major awards, including an Academy Award.

Some of the most popular shows and movies currently on Netflix are:

  • Squid Game
  • Stranger Things
  • Bridgerton
  • You
  • Beef
  • Queer Eye
  • Emily in Paris

However, these are only a few of the most popular things available on the platform!

How Much Is a Netflix Account Currently?

In the last few years, Netflix’s pricing policy changed a lot. In order to cope with the growing competition in the market with services such as HBO Max, Disney+ and Prime Video, the company had to implement various new solutions that will allow them to continue to generate profits. Currently Netflix offers 4 subscription plans.

  • Basic with Ads – $6,99
  • Basic – $9,99
  • Standard – $15,49
  • Premium – $19,99

They differ primarily in the quality of content played, the number of accounts that can stream at the same time, and the ability to download videos and movies for later offline viewing.

Are There Any Legit Ways to Get Netflix Without Paying?

As you can see, a Netflix subscription is far from cheap, especially if you want access to all the features the platform has to offer. There’s a reason why so many users are looking for ways to get a Netflix account without spending a dime. It’s also worth noting that the company doesn’t offer any form of trial period, so even if you just want to see what the platform has to offer, you have to pay for a membership.

These days, many companies are offering Netflix accounts as a form of non-financial benefit for their employees. If you are lucky enough to work for a company with an open mind, you may be able to get such a perk. You can also try using someone else’s account provided you have a friend or relative who has a Netflix premium subscription plan. However, this can become risky, as the platform has implemented many measures over the past few years to prevent such activities.

The absolute best way to get a Netflix premium account is CashYeah. This site is able to give you access to all the best streaming platforms without you having to spend a single penny. This is what you need to do.

How to Get Netflix with CashYeah?

If you want to be able to watch Netflix without paying the annoying subscription fee, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Create an Account

If you want to earn a Netflix account, simply register with CashYeah and log in. Immediately you will be presented with various easy tasks for the completion of which you can collect Gems. They are a kind of special currency used on the site, which you can later withdraw or exchange for various rewards. The more of them you collect, the more you will earn.

  1. Complete Tasks

Completing each task will take you no more than 5 minutes. These can include things like watching short videos, filling out surveys and downloading apps. No matter who you are, how much free time you have or what your qualifications are, you can be sure that you will be able to finish all of them.

  1. Cash out Gems

Once you have completed enough tasks, you can cash out your gems. To do so, simply choose your preferred withdrawal method or opt for one of the available rewards. You can pick from things like Amazon gift cards, Spotify Premium memberships and Netflix accounts!

The whole process is extremely easy, as the site was created with users in mind. Following these simple steps is all that separates you from being able to get access to all the amazing movies and TV shows on the Netflix website.


Netflix is an amazing platform that will give you access to some of the best TV shows and movies in the world. Getting a Netflix premium account will bring you a huge dose of entertainment that you can share with your friends and family members. And it will be so much better because you got it without spending a single penny! Go ahead and read our article so you can get Netflix today!

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